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NanoPi Fire3 does not boot

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Hi together,

i bought a nanopi fire 3 board and i am struggling with getting it running. I seem unable to boot it at all. The FriendlyElec shows up but nothing more happens.
I do not have any USB-Debug device around. I tried sandisk ultra micro sd hc class 10 cards from 16-64gb, transcend 16gb micro sd hc class 10, as well as SanDisk Ultra 64GB xc.
Nothing seems to work.

Process is: Insert SD Card into PCB - plug power in... FriendlyElec Logo shows. Both LEDS light up. Screen goes black.

Would really appreciate your help!
Hello FriendlyElec,

maybe any response? Ideas? Tipps?
For the low cost of a serial debug board, it will be money well spent as it will show you clearly what is happening during the boot cycle. Without this, we have no way of helping you with this.

Any cheap USB to TTL (3.3V) converter will do the job. Just connect up GND, RX, and TX from the board to the USB converter and you can then use any Terminal Program to see what is happening to the board. Set the baud rate for 115200.
PS. The fact you see the FriendlyElec logo indicates that the board is attempting to boot.

Go get that USB to TTL serial converter and tell us what you found.
dvoeckler wrote:
Hello FriendlyElec,

maybe any response? Ideas? Tipps?

Perhaps try https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-fire3/
It comes with more recent kernel and many additional fixes.
so i figured it out - the micro hdmi is the problem - with a s430 screen it boots totally fine. but the micro hdmi does not deliver a picture as soon as the system is booting.
Are you using a kernel that supports the HDMI output?
v8dave wrote:
Are you using a kernel that supports the HDMI output?

yes dtb file quotes microhdmi to be okay and the bootlogo is showing in the end. Problem occures with all OS - friendlyelec, lubuntu and co.
The official Buildroot does not have a configuration for the NanoPi 2 Fire, so your question does not give enough details to explain what the problem is.

But basically, if all you got as a build output is u-boot.bin, uImage and rootfs.tar(.gz), then your Buildroot configuration has not generated a ready-to-use SD card image. So you would have to format the SD card properly, and copy the right files at the right location. Shareit https://get-vidmateapk.com
dvoeckler wrote:
Hello FriendlyElec, https://9appsapk.vin https://vidmateapp.vin https://vlc.vin

maybe any response? Ideas? Tipps?

no tips yet!!
I have exactly same issue, on boot the HDMI throws up FriendlyArm logo onto the HDMI screen and then just sits there and the green LED stops flashing.

If I install and LCD screen it throws up the same logo image and then continues on and boots properly.

So it's clearly an issue as a number of us have the same thing with HDMI and the HDMI is running because it throws up the start logo.
Okay the amrmbian buster version above works

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