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Complete tablet kit for NanoPC-T3 Plus?

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:03 pm
by david_padge
The NanoPC-T3 Plus seems to be a very modern powerful single board computer that can run Android or other operating systems, plus it has connectors that are useful for many experimental or day to day purposes, so I would like to make a 7 inch or even a 10 inch tablet out of it, but I do not want to buy parts that might not fit. Is there a list somewhere of parts for a tablet kit for this upper end model?

Thank you!

Re: Complete tablet kit for NanoPC-T3 Plus?

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:55 pm
by NicoD
You'd be better of with a NanoPi M4 or T4 or NEO4 than a T3+ for that.
The T3+ isn't very good for desktop use(tablet use). The SoC is a lot less supported than the RK3399's.
With the T3+ you can't watch video in 1080p or higher. It is rather slow for single core tasks. (many tasks are single core)

It is great as server, and for multi-core heavy duty tasks/mining/blender farm. The T3+ is faster than the RK3399's in most multicore tasks, while it has a lower energy consumption.

So the T3+ is very useful, but only for the right tasks.

The T4/M4/NEO4 have got VPU support for 4k video.

The people from FriendlyElec sell touchscreen displays that are supported. ... ry&path=81
Read the wiki for the product to see which boards it supports.

The M4/NEO4 do have a big and heavy heatsink. Maybe you could make/but a flatter bigger heatsink for it so it doesn't stick out so much.

Most HDMI displays work on the T3+/M4/T4/NEO4. I've got a 7" hdmi display that works fine.
I hope that helps, greetings.