Trying to follow the NanoPi M3 wiki in order to rebuild the Android and Linux images.

There are some clearly identified problems in the wiki build description

1. the link to download the required files for international users needs to be corrected as per the link given in the T3 forum released firmware images.

2. the reference to sd-fuse_nanopi3.git is giving error as the repository does not exist in github, it needs either to be added there in github or the actual reference to be corrected somehow.

3. the Compile Kernel Modules paragraph, mentions "/opt/FriendlyARM/s5p6818/android" directory but this does exist and wiki does not specify how to create it, thus all references on how to build modules do not work.

So far manage to build the three SD cards (android/debian/qt) with the makeimage PC utility and they do work, yet if someone wants to rebuild from source, either android or linux, most likely that cannot be done based on wiki info.

Hope to see it fixed and us users to be able to build from source soon.