Hi, Dear all :

My question as post title, my environment as below :
H.W : s5p6818 nanoPC t3
F.W : Boot from SD, image is "s5p6818-lubuntu-desktop-xenial-4.4-armhf-20180324.img"

so I try to down grade kernel version from 4.4 to linux-3.4.y, 3.4.y was git from FriendArm, kernel build steps as below:
(1) make nanopi3_linux_hdmi_defconfig
(2) touch .scmversion
(3) make uImage

I can find new kernel image "Image", but I miss *.dts file(s5p6818-nanopi2-rev*.dtb) in kernel source tree
Finally , I try to only replace kernel "image" file in boot partition of SD-card (not uImage)

and then, boot fail, halt in uboot prompt.
Can any one tell me something wrong?

Many Thanks.