I'm newbbie with NanoPC-T3+
I'm just following the wiki http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... PC-T3_Plus to start with lubuntu distribution.

I've tried to boot with s5p6818-eflasher-20180228-lubuntu-desktop.img and also no eflasher version but when NanoPC is powered (hold the boot button) it shows on HDMI the "FriendlyARM" logo for few seconds and then the HDMI output is turned off and nothing else happens.
I've followed the wiki to prepare correcty the SDCard.
Trying to reset the board it's start with Android that was factory loaded into EMMC.
I've tried to use the Armbian distro and it boots fine. My suspect is that the image files are corrupted or not build correctly to be booted???
I want to use the Lubuntu distro into EMMC.

Can anyone help me to boot correctly from SDCard and install Lubuntu on EMMC??