Hello Dear FriendlyARM community,

I am working with a nanopi M3 with the S430 touchscreen. The ROM there I am using is debian sg8.

Due to some power restrictions there Iam facing with the project Iam developing, I need to understand how to make some things happen.

1st- Is there any way to power off the Wireless "module" on the platform, say from a /sys/devices/... gpio?
2nd- How can I control the touchscreen for backlight DIM, or even put the touchscreen to "sleep" by turning it off (I have already tried to echo different values to /sys/devices/platform/pwm-backlight/ brightness, and altought the value changes the actuall brightness doesnt | I have also tried to echo values to /dev/ 1-wire-backlight but also nothing happens)
3rd- Is there any way to power off the ethernet, usb, hdmi "modules"?

I have already tried for example to shutdown the wireless network (ifconfig wlan0 power off) but altought the network is disabled, the power consumption remains the same.

PLease advise,

Best regards.