Hi, I have been trying to get the JTAG working on my NANOPC-T3, the guys at nexell said to contact friendlyarm, so I did and they said sorry it doesn't have it.

So I looked at the schematic, found the test points, soldered wires on, used a JLINK by segger jtag to see if I could connect to it.

To my surprise it connects and shows me all the coresight registers, the rom table says Samsung in the first entry address 0x80020000 says that's the cti and 0x80040000 is the etm.

The problem is in the s5p6818 datasheet it says the jtag is secure, and literally no information about how to even unlock it.

I cannot debug a core though, probably because it's locked. I don't know how to unlock it but i dont think i can get a hold of that information.
It would be nice to be able to debug this cpu because as a student I can learn about it but unfortunatly, I may have to move to another board like the raspberry pi, because its more "friendly" as you can ACTUALLY debug the thing. :( :(