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MIPI-CSI camera for NanoPC-T3 or NanoPC-T2

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Hi All,
I am looking for a link or information about MIPI-CSI camera that can be connected to NanoPC-T3 or NanoPC-T2.
Any help would be appreciated.
Just a bump since this forum/topic is unfortunately very quiet. I did even sent an email asking about MIPi-CSi camera that can be used for NanoPC boards and no reply. It is quite unsettling.

I did some research on my own in the meantime, with meagre result so far.

There are two MIPI-CSI cameras that I found on that big Chinese site ali...
One camera with OV5645 26pins working under Android 5.1 only and compatible with Samsung 6818 based board.
Another camera with OV5645 24pins (no confirmed compatibility with boards and any OS, just that is MIPI).

Does anybody knows is is possible to adjust any of them from 26pins/24pins to 30pins and by whom/where?
I will try to attach spec sheet from 24pins one that was provided (unfortunately the specs sheet for more promising 26pins is not provided by seller).

Will also ask in another topic, but one potential issue (at least for my prototype) may be that two cameras may not be useable at the same time. Could anyone shade some light?


Are you saying the CMOS MIPI-CSI camera (5Mpx) sold at FriendlyARM.com isn't compatible with the NanoPCs T2 & T3 ? :shock:

Weird, I could have sworn they were ! :o

Right now, I'm having a hard time compiling the nanocams example for S5P6818-based boards. Mine is a Fire3 :?
And out of the box, the example isn't compatible with x64 ubuntu core image ( 64 bits pointers are cast into int32 implicitely, gcc isn't fond of it, neither am I =/ .

Plus, theres some junk in the example's makefile.
It makes a great include jambalaya, now picking from local dirs and then from the toolchain sys_root.
I guess it's a hardcoded directories problem I'll have to dive into.
As far as I see there are only three cameras listed: CAM500A and CAM500B are having DVP parallel interface (0.5mm pitch 24 pin FPC seat as stated on their respective pages) and FA-CAM202 is just USB camera.
I don't see any MIPI-CSI camera (guessing 0.5mm pitch 30 pin FPC seat) listed on FriendlyARM.com site. Maybe you are referring to some other site, and if you do could you post the link or just a name of the site for MIPI-CSI 0.5mm pitch 30 pin FPC seat?

Thanks in advance :)
You're right Inixie, my bad, I was refering to DVP cameras, since it's the only interface available on the Fire3 :?

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