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5inch LCD Display W500

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Is there an open source driver for the W500? Can you provide a link to the sources and what kernel version? I have my kernel with the S430 but not the new W500.
You need to get updated u-boot and uImage files that include the settings for this LCD. I had a look around the FriendlyArm github but could not find much on it. It does refer to support in Android 7.1

So far there is no wiki entry so not able to even get the timing data for the LCD which you could use to modify the u-boot and uImage yourself. I've just completed and added an IPS 7" LCD to my Nano PC T3 Plus Android 5.1 system.
I am considering purchasing a second hand W500, but prior to buying I would like to know whether it has a LG or Samsung LCD panel.
It is a WUXGA display - but how do I check what exact display it is ? Appearently FRU #44C9614 which I found by the Thinkpad serial number can be both
I have 2 of them and the LCD is bonded to the PCB with some kind of double sided tape. Unless it can be removed, it would be impossible to see if there are any other indications on the LCD panel itself.

The technical drawing of the LCD has had the manufacturer details blurred out. :(

I would add that the display on this is actually very good.

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