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How to use logrotate in ptxdist

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I have included logrotate package from ptxdist it got installed but.
I am not able to see any file related to logrotate.
SO how to use this functionality in ptxdist ?

Thank You
Running logrotate in a cron job doesn't work? From my read of the man page it only works on existing logfiles, ie it doesn't make any new log file.
But, there is no file related to logrotate present in os.
Do I need to create a logrotate files ?

Thank You.
Do you mean that /usr/bin/logrotate is not present? Did you have any error messages during the PTXdist build process?

I assume you are trying to use PTXdist on the mini2440, correct?
Yes, there is no file present related to logrotate.
I am getting following the message in the middle of the process.

No prepare tool found. Do nothing.
finished target logrotate.prepare

Actually, the path for logrotate 3.8.7 is no longer available. So I downloaded it from other locations and placed it in my package download directory

Do you think it is happening due to this ?

Thank you
OK, it looks like you have a downloads directory. As long as you told <ptxdist setup> I think, where that folder is it should be included.

Have you checked in the rules file for logrotate, maybe there is some condition it is not meeting.
As it is in ptxdist packet list.
It is not showing any rule file.

While installing I am getting this message :

No prepare tool found. Do nothing.
finished target logrotate.prepare

Is this an error which is stopping the installation.

Thank You
As it is in ptxdist packet list.
It is not showing any rule file.

What is the ptxdist packet list?

Did you tick a box in ptxdist menuconfig for logrotate, as per your first post, or are you trying to incorporate it in the ptxdist build process? As far as I am aware you need a logrotate.ini and a logrotate.make file in the /rules folder.

All applications that one can select in ptxdist menuconfig have .ini and .make files.
Yes, I have ticked the box in menuconfig.
ptxdist packet list means the packet present in menuconfig.
For syslog also I did not have a make or in the file but still, I just ticked the box for syslog in menuconfig and it got installed.

Well I am a bit puzzled about how things are operating at your end. The guru at Pengutronix actually made a custom .make and .in file so that I could install PHP with thpptd enabled.

Sorry my Pengutronix BSP computer is in another location and I won't be back there for a week or more. I could then try to install logrotate.

Send me a PM in a week if you are still struggling with this.
Ok, Dave.

I will try to solve this problem.
If I am not able to solve then I will send you a PM.

Thanks For Your Support.
HI Dave, I got my logrotate working.
Thanks for your guidance.
But, I am stuck in rotating. Means It's not rotating regularly. When I am forcing it to rotate then only it is rotating I have kept the cron file for logrotate in cron folder. I am not confirm that the cron is running or not.There is no cron service file in systemd folder.

In your first reply, you mentioned this: Running logrotate in a cron job doesn't work.

So does it works.

Thank You
Running logrotate in a cron job doesn't work
Is a question not a statement.

I have a cron_error.log file in my home directory where I would expect any cron errors to appear. I don't run logrotate so can not help with the details.

Post your cron file, maybe I will see somethng.

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