Hello Guys,

I have been working on TI WL18xx wifi module. The module company provides backport script for my kernel. In this script it needs rootfs file path of my platform. But I have confused where is my rootfs file.

I have set this like that;

export ROOTFS=/home/ges-arge/workspace/TQ-ARM-BSP-REV.0117/TQMaxx.BSP.SW.SRC.0117/platform-tqma28/build-target/linux-3.14.79-rt85/fs
There are also /projectroot file in the /workspace/TQ-ARM-BSP-REV.0117/TQMaxx.BSP.SW.SRC.0117/
also in the /workspace/TQ-ARM-BSP-REV.0117/TQMaxx.BSP.SW.SRC.0117/platform-tqma28/ location there are /root,/sysroot-target files are exist which one could be real one.

Could you help me about where the rootfs file is located? I would be very appreciated.

Best Regards.