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Supervivi on S29AL016MB (NOR Flash ID: 0x22490001)

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I need to back up NAND memory.

For this I need the SuperVivi, because I have only the parallel port Jtag, and it is very slow, it will take many hours to save the 256MB with a speed of 10 to 15KB / s.

I used a Pentium 4 computer with a parallel port so the H-Jtag (v3.0) could write to the bootloader's SuperVivi ROM, but it did not work.

Even following all the boot boot manuals, nothing appears through the serial port.

H-Jtag successfully completes the ROM scan that was written to the NOR memory.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get the SuperVivi bootloader menu to appear, I've already tried to press the spacebar when powering up.

Note: H-Jtag v3.0 can read the memories too!

Thank you.
SuperVivi ... boy we are going back about 10 years. It was used an early bootloader on the mini2440.

However, at that stage a program called dwn.exe which you ran on a Windows PC was used . To quote "what you have done is load the min2440 NAND boot with the SuperVivi file loader program".

Does this sound like what you are trying to do?

All my mini2440 stuff is in another location, so I doubt I could add much until Monday or so.
The old forum is at http://www.friendlyarm.net

It worked correctly!

I tried writing the SuperVivi bootloader with Jtag in Big Endian mode, and the LEDs went off.
Then I burned the SuperVivi again in little endian mode, then the LED was flashing.

I was using the wrong serial cable, Inverted TX and RX, because it was the serial cable of another Chinese device.

The USB connection seems to be infinitely faster than the parallel port connection with wiggler interface and with H-Jtag software!

Thank you all for the attention!
The mini2440 used a cross-over ethernet able.

Good work!

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