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I have to say you make great products. However, the support from Friendly Elec is horrible.
I want to use your products, but with the total lack of employee support there make me wonder how you guys stay afloat.
You could be so huge with great sales if you would only take time out to support the users.
Would a NanoPi M1 run RetroPie?
Trying to build a gameboy, and wanted something smaller than a pi2 but more capable than a zero.
Cheers, onplanners
BitGid wrote:
Would a NanoPi M1 run RetroPie?
Trying to build a gameboy, and wanted something smaller than a pi2 but more capable than a zero.

Yes, with https://github.com/retr0rangepi

You might need some adjustments or this board config file: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/m ... nopim1.fex
pinalpatel wrote:
Want something smaller than a pi2. IT Company Surat

Good. I really like this, I just found out about this. This was an incredibly wonderful article. Thanks for providing these details.
iso 9001 certification in philippines
Is FriendlyELEC shutting down or something?

I placed and paid and order a week ago. Zero communication since, despite e-mails to sales. When calling the phone number listed on friendlyelec.com, the person on the other end just hangs up as soon as I mention "FriendlyELEC" or "FriendlyARM".

I'm aware that there might be a coronavirus situation, but it'd be good with some communication to know if I should file a chargeback and stop hoping I will ever see my NanoPis or not.
The date notification disappeared the other day so they may be back to work in a limited way with less workforce. The same with other Chinese based companies that I use.

They may be overwhelmed with orders placed during the initial Chinese New year and loads of emails so you'll probably have to give them a little bit more time to deal with your order. If you can wait another week and then see what happens, that would probably help them too. Hope you eventually get your stuff.

PS. I seldom used to get an email notification of sipping even before all of this happened. I just had it arrive on my doorstep.
Still no communication, but what do you know, logged in to the webshop and it was marked as shipped today, so I guess you're right.
Glad to hear it. It's just going to take time. I am getting PCB's made just now and normally 3-4 days, but now on 7th day and still not shipped. It was expected but I am grateful to the Chinese people for slowly getting things back up and working. It's a tough call. It could be a lot worse.

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