Posting this in [Samsung S5P4418] because my test board is NanoPi M2 running Android, but really this post is all about the LCD itself, not the board.

The image on my copy of the S430 LCD jitters. The jitter sometimes starts right after powering up the device and can be noticed in the graphics of the boot animation. Sometimes the boot animation is smooth, but the jitter starts later while working with applications.

The jitter always happens only along the narrow side of the LCD. If the LCD is orientated as portrait, the jitter is horizontal, if the LCD is orientated as album, the jitter is vertical (so that the jitter is still along the narrow side of the LCD).

When connecting to an external display via HDMI, the image on that display does not have jitter, while the image on S430 still has jitter. That is why I believe that this is an issue of S430, not NanoPi M2.

It was noticed that graphics-intensive applications (animations, videos, the Camera app) cause the jitter to start earlier than any other applications, so perhaps the issue is somehow related to the video bandwidth of S430. However, once the jitter has started, it continues after exiting a graphics-intensive application and can be seen even on the Android start screen populated with icons.

The LCD does not touch anything, there is no enclosure. If you touch the screen with a single finger, nothing changes in the jitter.

Putting the device to sleep and then waking it up using the hardware Power button changes nothing in the jitter.

Restarting Android using the Reset button sometimes helps and the jitter goes away right from the boot animation and further, until the jitter appears again. The jitter may not start at all if the boot animation does not "kick-start" it and the user does not launch graphics-intensive applications such as the Camera app.

Anyone knows this issue? How frequent is it for S430? Is it a hardware or LCD firmware issue? Any chance to fix it? S430 is an excellent model except this issue, but it is very annoying and is a showstopper. Thank you.