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NanoPI-M2 Android Exeperiance

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I got a NanoPI M2 and wanted to try out Android. Looks like your download page did not have an Android Image.
After Googling I found S5p4418-android-sd4g-20160826.img that I tried. I wanted to report here.

1. My Monitor supports 1080P but Android boots to 720P.
2. The status bar doesn't have a power off icon so I ended up pulling the plugs to switch off.
3. Can you get rid of the lock screen ?
4. The device is not rooted.
5. I enabled developer option and USB debugging. But when I do adb devices from my Debian machine. Nothing shows up.
This works fine with my ODROID-C2.

All in all this was a disappointment :(.

1.When the system boots our uboot will check whether it is connected to an LCD or to an HDMI monitor. If it recognizes an LCD it will configure its resolution. Our uboot defaults to the HDMI 720P configuration.
If you want to modify the LCD resolution you can modify file "arch/arm/plat-s5p4418/nanopi2/lcds.c" in the kernel and recompile it.
If your NanoPi M2 is connected an HDMI monitor and it runs Android it will automatically set the resolution to an appropriate HDMI mode by checking the "EDID". If your NanoPi M2 is connected an HDMI monitor and it runs Debian by default it will set the resolution to HDMI 720P. If you want to modify the resolution to 1080P modify your kernel's configuration as explained above.http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_M2

2.Latest version:https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ilkcy37otd7il/S5P4418

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