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eflasher:flash images read from device (not from buildsystem

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using the "dd" command, I have read out the android emmc partitions (system, data, cache, boot) into files.
The resulting image files are ext4-filesystems.
Using the "img2simg" tool, I have generated "android sparse images".
I used these images in the eflasher sd card.
Booting the eflasher-sd-card, the images are not written to the device (write process is very short, about 10 sec.). But no error message is displayed.

The output-images of the android build-system are the same format (sparse-images of ext4 filesystems), and I can flash them using the eflasher-sd-card.

  • How can I flash self-generated sparse images using eflasher?
  • What is the difference between these two (sparse images of android build system and self-created sparse images)?
  • How could I find out why eflasher is not writing my self generated images (debug output?)

Thanks in advance for any help.
Have you received an answer? I ask myself the same questions as you and I searched the forum I do not find any explication and no responses.

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