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ADB with the Micro-B connector on NanoPi M2?

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the question is for Nano PI M2, I assume this place is the closest fit regarding the forum.
Would you expect the adb to work with the image provided by the link in the wiki?
The device does not even show up in lsusb (Ubuntu host).

Any hints how to enable the adb via LAN on config file level? (So I can do it on the SD-Card).

Since my hub does not provide enough power, I feed 5V through pins 4 and 6 of the 40-Pin connector (Con2 on the M2).
Android boots fine and adb is enabled.
Micro-USB is connected to Hub of host.
Link to image copied from wiki:
http://www.playahost.com/.x/en/00/https ... =3dsharing

Thanks a lot, Dieter.
Hi we tested ADB shell with both a MicroUSB cable and an Ethernet cable and both worked.
Could you give me more details about how you tested that? If it failed could you help post the messages you observed?
Hi and Thanks,
there was no message, the device simply does not show up in lsusb (so any adb diagnostics is useless).
My hope was that there is some setting (kernel cmd line or so).

For the ethernet adb, the host does not find the device as well (ping works!).
I had this with other devices in the past, in all cases the adbd was not running.
Can I check on the Sd-Card where it is loaded?
To get adb working over TCPIP I had to add the following to the "on boot" section of the init.nanopi2.rc:

setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
start adbd
now I can use adb via LAN. A big step forward.
The USB connection is still dead. I wonder if the circuit that isolates the VBUS and +5V is not working properly, so my hub gets backpowered...

Earlier this morning the kernel log via serial line worked and I saw a message on plugin of the micro-B.
Currently the log sends garbage again (no hardware change) - I suspect some initialization in U-Boot is not 100% right. But that is another story.

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