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M2A wakeup

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how to wake up M2A from suspend mode ?
PWR button don't wakeup my M2A. :roll:
Is this hardware problem or FA software/kernel don't support wakeup?
M2A has AXP228 chip, support software shutdown and wake up sleep.
What system do you use?


i'm using S5P4418-ubuntu-core-qt4-sd4g-20170414 and tested S5P4418-debian-sd4g-20170414 too.
I have installed pm-utils and used pm-suspend command. Maybe i do something wrong and should put M2A into
suspend to ram mode in another way ? How ?

I want to use PWRKEY, internal RTC (battery is connected) or/and Alive PIN to wake up this board.


i have made some tests and i must say suspend and wake-up don't work correctly.
"suspend_valid: not supported state"

Tested on S5P4418-ubuntu-core-qt4-sd4g-20170414
M2A+X710 LCD:
the board is not going into suspend mode it hangs. Wake-up don't work.
red led on
blue led off
After PWR button press (wake-up): nothing change

Sometimes is going the board into suspend mode. But wake-up hangs.
red led on
blue led off
system is not waking up
the board is going into suspend mode but wake-up hangs.
red led off
blue led off

After PWR button press (wake-up):
red led on
blue led off
system is not waking up.

It seems like kernel or some drivers are not right configured for suspend and wake-up.

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