I faced with a problem trying to obtain decoded video frames from nxvideodec. Doing research I found out that by default nxvideodec plugin is optimized to work in pair with nxvideosink, and it sends video frames data through some internal mechanism (GEM buffer), not through gstreamer's pipeline (only some kind of metadata is passing via gstreamer's pipeline). There is a plugin property called 'buffer-type' which makes it possible to force nxvideodec to transfer data through gstreamer pipeline. But here is problem: output video frames is corrupted! Furthermore, in this mode nxvideodec often terminates with segmentation fault error.

So, I ask for help with:
  1. Any workaround for nxvideodec in order to get not corrupted video frames (with appsink for example) and prevent segfault
  2. With respect to LGPL, please, provide the source code of nxvideodec and nxvideosink plugins. Exactly that versions which included in the FriendlyCore distro (kernel v4.4, from 06-09-2018 or later)

Thank you for your time.

Working on the NanoPi S2 board under FriendlyCore disto. Release - 's5p4418-sd-friendlycore-xenial-4.4-armhf-20180906'.