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OpenGL ES2.0

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Good day to you all
My name is Brian Beuken, I'm currently writing a book on the development of games using OpenGL ES2.0 on SBC computers. I recently ordered a couple of NanoPi models so that I can include them in my research.

Most SBC's use fairly standard drivers, but It would be very helpful if someone could provide me with some info on the graphic drivers needed that are specific to NanoPi, where to locate them, how to initialise and create a context on these devices?
Now that I have take delivery of my Nano Pi M1,M2 and Pi2, I would really love to know for sure what the drivers are for the GPU?

Can anyone help
In case anyone else needs to know the M1 has Mali 400MP GPU and drivers on the img..

I don't know for sure about the others but I will try these drivers on the Pi2 and M2 and see if they work, when I have a bit of time.
I'm still having issues getting hold of OpenGLES2.0 libraries and headers for the M2

the M1, was no problem, but I cannot locate anything for the M2, can someone at FA please advise?
Ah I forgot to do this

apt-get install libgles2-mesa-dev

It may well still be software rendering but my code for now is working.
Hello Brian,

My name is Filippo and I'm from Italy.

Is it possible to contact you by mail .? I have some question for you...

Please forgive my terrible english.

I wish you a great day

Best regards


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