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VGA monitor with Nano pi2

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Someone knows how to connect Nano Pi2 with a VGA monitor?

Thanks In advance
you will need a small box that translates Digital signal to Analog signal for the monitor to understand, also, you need to find one that can split audio seperately so you can hear what you are doing. Checkout this or this.
That is the point. I have done that with RPI2/3 and everything is all right. With Nano Pi2 doesn´t work. Probably I must change some configurations on config.txt to get video and sound..
If your NanoPi 2 connects an HDMI monitor and it runs Android it will automatically set the resolution to an appropriate HDMI mode by checking "EDID". If your NanoPi 2 connects an HDMI monitor and it runs Debian by default it will set the resolution to HDMI 720P and in this case you can set it to 1080P by modifying your kernel's configuration.

EDID stands for Extended Display Information Data. This is the data contained (usually in a small EEPROM) on each DVI display or HDMI sink. There may be as many as one EDID per DVI or HDMI input.

The source device checks the display’s DVI or HDMI port for the presence of an EDID prom and uses the information inside to optimize the output video and/or audio format. The EDID data structure can be for either VESA PC devices or for CEA-861B E-EDID (Enhanced EDID) devices. All sink devices compliant to the DVI or HDMI specification must implement EDID.

So the way I understands it the NanoPi checks HDMI monitors information through cable to find out what is best output, if It can't get info from the monitor it might not know it is connected to anything.

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