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NanoPi-2 CPU heatsink?

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I read that some people were having troubles with their CPU temperature, making the board shut down or hang. I added a heat sink out of aluminium to my CPU, and even RAM :lol: (i had some left over).
I chose not to use a thermal pad, because they are very bad at what they do, and instead went with ceramic thermal paste. Also I used a bit of superglue on sides of the RAM chips and CPU chip so there is a strong hold. If passive cooling won't be enough, I'll try to use a 3.3v PC fan added to the GPIOs

My only problem was that the CPUs center part is a bit raised up, so I wanted to ask - should I have cut a small square at the bottom of my heatsink to make it fit, or should I ignore it completely?

Remember CPUs heat up really quick!
I would guess most of the heat that you could get out of this part would effectively be extracted by contact with the metal (?) top cap on the CPU. Have you tried searching for any recommendations from Samsung for heatsinking this part?

My solution was posted on their other forum.

Just where did you put the superglue? Just on the substrate that the top cap is mounted on?
Milling a cutout for the CPU just might be a bad idea. Looking at the substrate (daughter board) I see 3 very small metallic dots. My guess is these are test pads for bed-of-nails testing. You would not to accidentally connect to these pads.

I have very limited internet access, at the moment. When I get back to civilisation I will download the S5P4418 datasheet. Then talk to our Component Engineering group to try and extract some info out of Samsung.

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