we have already had a device which its core was nanopi M2a and we have been using it on android (4.4.2 kernell version 3.4.39-Freindly arm chitranjan sat nov 11 2017 ) operating system and every thing were ok .
Now we have bought new nano pi m2a boards for backup and replaced them with old ones . we found out that usb does not power on the mouse or other usb devices on these new m2a boards .
we downloaded the new rom (4.4.2 kernell version 3.4.39-Freindly arm root@jensen sat sep 29 2018 ) from the nanopi website . This time USB was ok with 2018 android .
Q1: is there any differences between the m2a boards in structure ? Has any USB related IC on the board been changed ?
Q2: since we can not install our old apk files on the recent (2018) rom , is there any way that we can fix the problem of USB on the previous (2017) version of android 4.4.2?

I have attached the log files of both new board with 2017 android (usb not working)
and the old board with 2017 android (which we were using before )