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Ubuntu-core-qte password?
Last post by boyce.sid@gmail.com « 09 Jun 2017, 15:50
Replies: 1
Last post by fxrsdude « 23 Apr 2017, 14:41
nano pi A64 how to change scree resolution to 1920x1080p
Last post by gurhadjung « 12 Apr 2017, 12:07
Replies: 2
Linux Mate Image with many issues - not usable
Last post by radek « 10 Apr 2017, 14:11
Replies: 5
CAM500B working with NanoPi A64
Last post by chensy « 10 Apr 2017, 08:39
Replies: 1
[RELEASE] Parrot Security OS For Nano Pi A64
Last post by admin « 05 Apr 2017, 03:12
Replies: 1
Request for pointers to src for Ubuntu-Mate for NanoPi-A64
things missing from 20161129 build of Ubuntu-Mate for A64

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