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Is it possible and how do I install the Armbian Buster minimal distribution to eMMC? I see the download link here https://www.armbian.com/nanopc-t3/ Ofc its possible. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-install-to-emmc-nand-sata-usb If you have eMMC model with 2G memory, you...
There are two Armbian's builds - Bionic and Buster Let's start with Bionic: root@nanopineo2:~# apt-get install usbip Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package usbip root@nanopineo2:~# apt-get install linux-tools-5.4.20-sunxi...
Thus, there are no suitable kernel modules on my system. Compilation from source is higher magic for me :). ... which is why Armbian exist. You can download ready made images (they are significantly higher quality) https://www.armbian.com/download/?tx_maker=friendlyelec or build your image / kernel...
Is it possible and how do I install the Armbian Buster minimal distribution to eMMC? I see the download link here https://www.armbian.com/nanopc-t3/ Ofc its possible. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-install-to-emmc-nand-sata-usb If you have eMMC model with 2G memory, you...
ejolson wrote:
Note that I've successfully build Wireguard on x86 PCs running Artix linux and successfully on the Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspbian as well as Gentoo

- best 8812AU driver
- wireguard
- dkms
- kernel headers

= Armbian
KERNEL_CONFIGURE="yes" will bring you the kernel menu config up, yes. I can only help you around tools - I am co-author of them I also need to know which flag inside "menu config" that need to be on for broadcasting. ... while on "broadcast problem on the network driver"...
iamneo2416 wrote:
Can you tell me how to re-compile kernel

steeley wrote:
ok doesn't work - there appears to be no armbian ubuntu version... !
debian version does not have this option.

Search here:

Direct link:

steeley wrote:
I would rather use FA distro if possible

Good luck.
Daitaro wrote:
Title says it all.

In any form?

This https://amzn.to/2Ue3BOC must work on Armbian OOB.

armbian-config -> network -> enable 4G connection
rroetenberg wrote:
Anyone is able to boot from the nvme? I can't find anything to get it managed.

This way:
https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Get ... d-sata-usb

Bood loader must be on eMMC/SD/(optional on SPI). Directly not supported.
SATA HAT using Marvell 88SE9215 Chipset. In datasheet is info about power consumption up to 1W... But SATA HAT (without drives) consume much more. I think - something is wrong in HAT design... :cry: I need to add small fan too :cry: Is here some way, how to drive this fan speed to make them: * less...
Don't know if this problem is solved, but worth trying - Armbian will bring you much further. Also further than Ubuntu 16.04 on your PC in term of hw support.

Good morning all, I'm trying to comunicate with an SPI device on a NanoPi Neo core 2 (SPI0) but i have some problems. I can't connect the CS signal and I have a strange first clock pulse so the device receive wrong data As you can see the Cattura_10.JPG Any comments/ suggestions are welcome Thanks ...
The sound worked on July 18th and it is working now. I have used Nanopi T4 on my summer holidays as a media player. my kids would not watch cartoons for three weeks without a sound. No idea why you didn't have sound. Major updates are very stressful and expensive events. They can easily costs 10 - 2...
Images were update to 5.4.y
Images were updated to 5.4.y, update (apt update) will follow shortly.
Images were updated to 5.4.y and latest 4.4
All images updated to 5.4.y , update will follow later.
daBee wrote:
Hi folks.

I can't find the nanopi-neo2_sd_friendlywrt_4.14_arm64_YYYYMMDD.img.zip in the Google Drive. Anybody know where I can find this?


If you need general purpose OS rather check https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-neo-2/ (rebuilt yesterday)
prima wrote:
If you want to use Armbian the procedure is different.

Now by default:

(will be present in next release)
I use NanoPi Neo Core as target device. When I got it, it has a ubuntu 16.04 inside. I tried to compile a sample code BroadcastSender.c with broadcast function and run it. it cannot do broadcast in anyway, but the same program in PC unubtu 16.04 can do normal broadcast. Can anyone help me with this...
https://www.armbian.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/logo_middle.png - supported all variants: Nanopi M4V2, Nanopi M4, T4, Neo4 - improved stock 4.4.y or mainline 5.4.y kernel - desktop, minimal or server image - download from our servers, your local mirrors or torrents. - clean and highly optimised ...
nanoelec wrote:
any chance you can give

Now is your time to give something.


Then I will give you another hint.
Maggie777 wrote:
please advice me what to do next?

Better start with Armbian: https://github.com/armbian/build
I just assembled my NEO2 Metal Complete Kit. Everything went great, but for my application, DietPi is a better fit, so I immediately re-flashed the microSD card with Stretch. When I login, DietPi says Board revision 1.1 can go up to 1.3Ghz but Dietpi folks have no clue about that: https://forum.arm...
Hello everyone, I have just got a NanoPi Neo air and I really like it. Running Xenial 4.14 quite well! I have installed this to the mmc and would like to make the file system read-only. I have done this with a Raspberry pi, but Friendlyarm Xenial has different files etc. I do not quite understand. ...
Added official test images for V2:
On Nanopi Neo Core 2 LTS (Allwiner H5) : - Armbian Stretch stock : speedtest Down:90Mb/s Up:80Mb/s - Armbian Buster stock : speedtest Down:90Mb/s Up: 4 Mb/s Maybe regression in network drive ? I was not able to find any information on this issue ... Could you help me please ? Kernel is talking with...
Images updated to latest legacy, current to 5.3.y:
https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12210-a ... ase-notes/
Build system to 5.4.y:
https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12277-u ... t-targets/
Try this: https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-neo/ Authenticity and integrity check: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-check-download-authenticity More recent kernel with better support. Hi igorp, thanks for replying. Yes I know about Armbian and use it (an old version) Armbian...
support a pre-built binary for me. That I consider poor "customer' service. Agree. In open source there is no such thing as a binary blob ;) But I can imagine frustrating of such situation. I would then have a fully working solution and continue to purchase many more of the FA boards. I guess ...
Poor customer service. Is it? I am among few people that provide free support (I pay from my own pocket to save "you" days-weeks-months of your time and you give virtually nothing in return) for Armbian "customers" and people also (dare to) contact me directly all the time. 99% ...
Hi, I just downloaded the new image OS for the NanoPI Neo... Is there a page listing the MD5, etc of the image? Can you confirm there are correct? md5sum NanoPi-NEO-20191111.7z 80205b66965b7ce5559438c4dd5c1a00 NanoPi-NEO-20191111.7z sha256sum NanoPi-NEO-20191111.7z df63675612726ed6e7e87490ca1f0d8bb...
arkadi wrote:
shouldn't be this hard to flash eMMC eh?

With Armbian? Trivial.
arkadi wrote:
Hello! Linux veteran, but new to this SBC stuff.

arkadi wrote:
I tried:

Also try OS made by Linux veterans: https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-r1/
BitGid wrote:
Would a NanoPi M1 run RetroPie?
Trying to build a gameboy, and wanted something smaller than a pi2 but more capable than a zero.

Yes, with https://github.com/retr0rangepi

You might need some adjustments or this board config file: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/m ... nopim1.fex
RaistlinMajere wrote:
Is the latest image perhaps already running the PanFrost driver ?

No end user images yet with open source panfrost driver:

but it is already possible with armbian:
sboyce wrote:
It seems there is a difference between Ubuntu and the FriendlyaArm image.

Try https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-m4/
How do you power your board? Did you try to run Armbian? https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-neo-core-2-lts/ I've tried different board connections. Both from USB and laboratory power supplies directly to +5V. After your question I tried Armbian. The result was the same. I found out what the problem was...
Vadim wrote:
I tried to load modules into modprobe and different drivers, but the problem is not in them.
Has anyone encountered such a problem and how was it resolved?

How do you power your board?

Did you try to run Armbian?
Ok, I wrote the armbian image to a separate SDHC card. I'm still getting garbage though. I just tried 115200 speed. I'm getting the same junk I got with the original image. I have verified the image and mounted the fs to check I wrote it correctly on my main computer. By: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200...
Do the same with Armbian and it will work out of the box. In fact there are two serial consoles along with getty running by default. One is accessible via 4 pin connector, the other via mUSB. Both are configured with the same speed.

On stock images you will need to enable all this on your own.
Addition: after I realized that my dtb experiments may have led to some hardware misbehavior (I'm new to all that device-tree madness and have not got the very ideology) I obviously started over with a fresh install. 5 reboots and we're broken again. Defective board? But ubunty did not flicker at a...
Yes, last 22 years I was using self-made images only on x86. Current servers have only 2.5 years uptime. But these boot issues actually can be problems of the board. Look: There are people that runs Armbian wit years of up time. https://forum.armbian.com/search/?q=uptime&fromCSE=1 Those problem...
VERY buggy distro, sorry. :D Is this the only/first Linux you have ever seen? Now prepare for what you will experience elsewhere ... but from support on my costs I saw that you don't listen to my advices. Its hard to help this way. another distro with conventional filesystem It is not possible to b...
The bug is that armbian destroys the eMMC bootloader for some odd reason (ubuntu was doing just fine if we forget about the weird structure). Third or forth reboot it says can't find ext2 filesystem, but if i say bootz/boot it finds. Next times it refuses to boot at all. Foooock. SD card boots ok. ...
Most lightweight image, probably with kernel 5.3.y ? ... AFAIK it works but it takes a lot of time to light up the screen. Beta development kernel issues ... minor problem considering how much was needed to get here. No, 4.4.190. Funny thing, I cannot find the source! :D The configurator downloads ...