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I shall mention both WiringPI and RPi.GPIO_NP on ubuntu releases are partly implemented (see related post in this forum).

For my own use, I need to access to GPIO through python, you can find a "working" (as far i know) python library for GPIO there https://github.com/auto3000/RPi.GPIO_NP.
I looked to the code at https://github.com/friendlyarm/WiringNP/blob/master/wiringPi/wiringPi.c : there is no support code for event/interrupt mode of the GPIO. The support code has been there in the past, but major wiringPi.c procedures have been siimply shrinked to allow a quick delivery. The libr...
Agree with you, this forum/product is a write-only questions. I can see rarely valid replies. I tried the support email once, the answer was... useless ("please read the wiki"). I should mention the wiki as inaccurate info since you dig a little.

My project is based on Yocto and we need to build RPi.GPIO_NP from sources. Is there a pointer to source location ?