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Ah, you do have a makefile but you are not using it? Also, it looks like you are working with the Matrix or BitBake tools. I am confused by your reference to Geany. I am sure it is just an editor not an IDE, correct me if I am wrong as I actually use it as an editor only. I have done some matrix stu...
Show me the contents of:


Where did you get the script from? How did you find gpio.c ? Looks like it is part of a package that you don't have all of the files. WiringPI or the FriendlyArm version?
Yes, at the top of the .c file you should see #includes all you need to do if find out where those files are and make sure they are in the location pointed to. If the .h file is enclosed in " " then they should be in a local folder with your .c file. If you are compiling from the command l...
davef wrote: Last things first ... have you more than one .c file that you are trying to cross-compile? If you are trying to cross-compile more than one .c file on the command line you need to something like: arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -Wall PB.c 1wire.c gpio.c adc.c -o PB ... unless you want to learn...
Tag_CPU_arch: v7 Is the line you are after. I don't know which arm version your board uses, so you will need to search around for that. Have you been able to cross-compile any programs for your target? Looking back at your original post I would have not expect you to call "gcc" but someth...
Last things first ... have you more than one .c file that you are trying to cross-compile? ./geany_run_script.sh: . . . Did you try running like this: sudo ./geany_run_script.sh Geany is an editor, it has nothing to do with the cross-compile process. Do you get anything when you drop (Program exited...
Well I am a bit puzzled about how things are operating at your end. The guru at Pengutronix actually made a custom .make and .in file so that I could install PHP with thpptd enabled. Sorry my Pengutronix BSP computer is in another location and I won't be back there for a week or more. I could then t...
As it is in ptxdist packet list. It is not showing any rule file. What is the ptxdist packet list? Did you tick a box in ptxdist menuconfig for logrotate, as per your first post, or are you trying to incorporate it in the ptxdist build process? As far as I am aware you need a logrotate.ini and a lo...
Try andahammer.com
When you have it working properly on another platform what does ifconfig give you. I wanted a MS2131 to use on Hologram Cloud, but I choked on the price. Bought the E3531. With that unit one needs to do a modeswitch. Evidently that is not required with your MS2131. There is a tutorial at hologram.io...
Had a quick look at some of my rule files and they seem to be of the format

@$(call install_copy, thttpd, 0, 0, 0755, -, /usr/sbin/thttpd)

Would it be worth trying to change to 0, 0 instead of mylinux? Could you tell me why you didn't use root permissions?
After PTXdist I moved to Debian Jessie on the NanoPi and now on the RaspberryPi. I will be going to the remote location where all my Pengutronix info is today. I have some of my own rule files and maybe there are some notes. I don't recall that problem. What permissions do you have on the other rule...
When you plug it in what does lsusb tell you?

Are you performed a modeswitch as it has probably said it is a storage device not a cellular modem.

Which model, I have been playing with a E3531
If you select some other applications in ptxdist menuconfig do they build properly?
@$(call install_copy, myapp, 1000, 1000, 0550, /opt/myappsw/myapp)

In looking at this again, doesn't 1000 refer to the file permissions? And you have user mylinux permissions?

I stopped using PTXdist a year ago when they stopped updating the BSP.
OK, it looks like you have a downloads directory. As long as you told <ptxdist setup> I think, where that folder is it should be included.

Have you checked in the rules file for logrotate, maybe there is some condition it is not meeting.
Right! I saw the title "Python on NanoPi" and did not see which forum it was associated with.
Do you mean that /usr/bin/logrotate is not present? Did you have any error messages during the PTXdist build process?

I assume you are trying to use PTXdist on the mini2440, correct?
I think one needs to be clear which model of NanoPi one is working on and which version of the operating system one is using.
Running logrotate in a cron job doesn't work? From my read of the man page it only works on existing logfiles, ie it doesn't make any new log file.
Consider porting pigpio to the NanoPi. Are you running Debian Jessie on the NanoPi?
Sounds like an ambitious project! I worked with the min2440 for years and never attempted that. This is a quite old product, any chance of using something a bit more capable like the NanoPi or one of their newer products? I vaguely recall people trying to run Debian or Ubuntu on this platform, so yo...
Had a look for gmane ptxdist and it appears to be down. I know the mini2440 group has been archived at https://www.mail-archive.com/oselas@community.pengutronix.de/ ... maybe have a look through there. Do you have the QuickStart guide for reference? Or OSELAS.BSP-Pengutronix-Generic-arm-Quickstart.p...
As far as I aware Python and C, and likely most programming languages will be able to call your peripheral devices, ie SPI, I2C, etc. What is more important is do they do it properly! If you are working on the original NanoPi, seeing it was my main development platform I would suggest first searchin...
I can't correct the code and quickly reading through it I don't know if you have tried a loop-back test on the Tiny6410 SPI interface or not.

Google spidev_test

Good luck!
If you comment that line out, reboot the machine and look at the file again is it still commented out? If it is then something else must be starting the ttpd daemon. All the mini2440 PTXdist stuff has been archived at: https://www.mail-archive.com/oselas@community.pengutronix.de/

Did you try modifying the /etc/init.d file?
No, I can't tell you. I dropped <tftp error code 2 access violation> into Google and it seems to come with some suggestions. The Ubuntu hit at the top seems relevant. https://askubuntu.com/questions/599558/tftp-error-code-2-access-violation-tftp-not-working Maybe comment out the tftp start-up in the...
Re: disable email notification, show us your

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file contents.
I would suggest looking at the PTXdist rule file for tftp and see where they download tftp from. Maybe there is a mailing list for that implementation.

Or try the Linux Networking Forum list or even the RaspberryPi forum.
I assume you ticked the right box in PTXdist for TFTP? I don't recall if there was more than one variant.
In older Linux distros used for the mini2440 and maybe even the NanoPi SPI had to be enabled in the kernel.

Also there is a test app called spidev where you perform a loopback test to check that things are operating.
All I can suggest is looking at the RaspberryPi forums. There is discussion about setting up static IPs which I think involved changing dhcpd,conf

Good luck!
Could the setenforce 0 command be placed in /etc/rc.local or does the modem have to be up and running before you can issue that command?
Be aware that you lose the fuse protection that is present on most Nano boards doing this.

Look at the schematic and see what the fuse value and type is and put your own fuse in series with your external supply.
The cross-compiler can't find some of the required source. Try searching the old forum for those error messages. Note the comment about rpath.

There was a useful posting on the old forum, keywords pengutronix qt library path

Good luck
Steff, Just checking that the default Qt5 package in Debian is not adequate. I guess one could look at the qmake.conf file found at mini2440vietnam and try changing the more obvious lines, ie the tool chain directory and the march and mtune values to your processor. I am not sure about whether or no...
Just checking ... are you aware of the unique way the ports are named in Linux? I can only give you the search terms avrfreaks sysfs gpio. Also there are probably only a few pins enabled
in the kernel driver. See mach-mini2440.c

Good luck
There were several recent threads on the older forum about this issue. Also try searching on that forum.
I used the ftp server that came with the FriendlyArm distro. The commands are quite straight forward.

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into Google turns up some possibly interesting reading.

Sorry, can't help further.
Good luck!
What do you get when you do:

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sudo service --status-all
I am not sure if you have solved this. Is hcitool installed on your system?

I noticed here https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=hcitool&mode=path&suite=stable&arch=any that maybe you need to:

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sudo apt-get install bluez
Is Qt involved?
You are welcome, now we both have learned something new. I noticed the comment about versions of g++ and gcc. If you do get more errors and/or things don't run properly I was told once that "the version of gcc/g++ used to compile the toolchain, libraries, kernel and your filesystem should be th...
I have got no C++ experience, only embedded C.

Maybe try including a library (say 1wire) you don't use and call one its functions in main and see if you get any errors.

Are there any .c files that are included and result in no errors?
OK, I have an older Matrix C library before SPI was added.

Back to your problem .. does the linker behave differently between gcc and g++ ?

Maybe try leaving off the

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-I ../lib/includes/ 
and see if you get more errors.
I compared the NanoPi schematic to your board. For the NanoPi VDD_BUS_5V only goes from the microUSB connector to the supply switching circuit you describe. If it was my unit I would try pulling VBUS_5V up to say 3 to 4V. Maybe a suitable divider chain off your 5V that you put on the GPIO pins. Hope...
For example, taking boardInit(), which Matrix (included) file is that in? Then where is setSPIDataMode(int, int)?