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Which OS as I rebuilt the Android source to swap the display to landscape on boot up. Works with the 4.3 and 7.0 displays that I have.

If I can find somewhere to host the source I'll do so but at 10GB I've been unable to find anything suitable so far.
Not required. I rebuild the kernel and Android OS from source so now it boots in landscape mode.

I also added GSM modem support so now also have data coverage outside WiFi areas.
OK. I have finally tracked this down and fixed it so that it can work but the issue that causes this is still in the code. The fault is caused when NetworkMonitor handles the CAPTIVE_PORTAL_SERVER using the property ro.net.captive_server in setprop. mServer = Settings.Global.getString(mContext.getCo...
Are you still working on this?

I have a partial working RIL build for the NanoPC T3 Plus with Android 5.1 and include the SIMCOM RIL and I can send and receive SMS but PPP crashes com.android.phone after it connects. Trying to get some help with this.
Probably a bit late. None of the recent Android builds from FriendlyArm include any support for LTE modems. There are a number of USB options but you would need to build a custom OS. I've done this but com.android.phone crashes when I get a PPP connection and not tracked this down yet. Looks like a ...
I have managed to create a custom Android build with GPRS support using a SIMCOM RIL and SIM5320E modem module. It can send and receive SMS but it crashes com.android.phone when it connects to PPP and I have been unable to track down the reason for this. If anyone is willing to help I have permissio...
I have a GPRS modem and built a custom OS with the RIL and I can get a signal display and I can send and receive SMS. What I can't get it GPRS data. I get a PPP error and it is due to a policy issue as I see the following in the logcat output. [ 881.924000] avc: granted { set } for property=net.gprs...
I just logged into the website to order some more NanoPC-T3 boards and I find that they are no longer available. I've just design and made a number of expensive boards to use with this board. The new T3(2GB) is a completely different footprint. Is the T2 compatible with the same Android build as for...
If you are running Linux why not just plug it in and see if it works?

It will or it won't and being USB it won't do any damage to your board if not.
Yes, that is the idea behind having a battery for this purpose.
There is a place to solder a 2 pin header to the board and then you can plug in a battery. The pitch is 2.54mm and it's behind the USB and Ethernet ports next the I2S header. On my boards it's unsoldered.
I wonder if this is to do with policies as I see the same issue on my T3 and M3 boards running Android 5.1 when trying to use ttyUSB2 with a modem plugged in. Try this from either ADB shell or from the UART as root (type su first) setenforce=0 That should disable the policies until the next boot. Se...
I have received a RIL from SIMCOM and I am using a SIM5320E module and I have partial phone integration now. I can see the phone settings and icons. I still have some errors to resolve. I can send and receive SMS but I still see NO SIM CARD being displayed and there is no GPRS support. I am in touch...
I actually found it and have been able to build it. For anyone else looking for this, it's on the Wiki page for the NanoPC-T3 and you just have to follow the instruction to download this onto your machine and then configure and build. It requires a bit of work to use it as the build is bigger than t...
Look at the GPIO connector. The pins are marked on that. Pins 29 and 30. Be aware that using a long ribbon cable will cause a voltage drop at the T3. You may read 5V at your input but it can be as low as 4.7 at the T3 due to voltage drop and it does not like this. I saw this with an M3 I powered fro...
Where can I find the Linux kernel for Android 5.1 I only have the source for Android and a binary for the uimage on the SD card. I can build the Android source but I also need to add some features to the kernel so I need to build this from source too. I've check on GITHUB and found nothing for the S...
I'd prefer not to use that command as it opens up a can of worms. I've noticed that the Samsung rild.te fileI found online for 5.1 has tmpfs settings and I have tried these and still get avc denied. Even tried to set chown on ttyUSB2 as radio:radio and still nothing. If i could get the right policy ...
I have almost gotten GPRS modem support to work. At least as far as seeing AT commands from it. Still need to get the correct RIL for the modem but progress has been made to show a phone and SMS messaging etc. I'll post this on my blog later when the final system works. I have an issue with policies...
Have you sent a direct email to them about this?

I've tried a few times and got no reply either. Poor customer service if you ask me. :(

I've rebuilt the OS to include the Phone XML files but it still does not recognise the modem.

Has anyone been able to include GSM support into any of the Android 5.1 builds? It is critical that I can get data communications support with this Android build.
Did you every find out how to do this?

The website for the HD702 LCD display shows this is a landscape display but I only seem to have a portrait display. I need to use this as landscape only.
No, what is the actual cd/m2 of the 4.3" LCD

200, 300 cd/m2 etc?
I am getting errors when trying to repo sync the source code. This is the output from the console. Has anyone been able to successfully clone the repo? curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found Server does not provide clone.bundle; ignoring. 19 168M 19 31.9M 0 0 281k 0 0:10:12 0:01:...
Does anyone know the corresponding connector part number for the RTC connector on the T3 board?
I can confirm that this works. I need the USB port for debugging Android so I power the board from the GPIO pins. Make sure your cable is heavy enough to carry the 1amp or so of current that it draws on power up (with LCD 4.3) otherwise you will get a low voltage at the input and the board will shut...
forumcuali wrote:
We want to control a button connected to EINT-8 or EINT-15. we couldnt do that.

Are you trying to use interrupts or just polling for the input changes?

For interrupts, you need to be at the kernel level.
Does anyone have the brightness (cd/m2) for the LCD panels?

There is nothing listed on the website. I am interested in the HD702 but need to know it's brightness value?

[EDIT] The PDF on the wiki shows 7,500 but that is impossible.
When you copied the file to the device did you make it executable with "chmod +x filename" ?
Has anyone been able to repo sync the source with the instructions shown here?


I get an exit because some files could not be found.
davef wrote:
Is Qt involved?

No, Android with native coding in Android Studio.
Has anyone worked out if the screen can be used in Landscape mode? I need to write a quick test programme to see if we can force this into landscape from code but wondering if anyone has done this already and can confirm it works? I have a design from a previous Olimex board I want to port to the M3...
Thanks davef, I hooked up the scope to the board itself via the UART connector to monitor the VDD_5V line and sure enough it was dropping to around 4.0V. I checked the cable I was using and it seemed to be OK. I've used this for other projects before without issue but mostly just up to 1.5A at 5V. I...
This is really strange. Looking though the schematic there is no reason that the 5V input on the GPIO should not be able to power the board. Pins 2 and 4 are connected to VDD_5V which is connected to the AXP228 input. When you power from USB, mosfet Q1 is switched on and power is connected to VDD_5V...
It is not possible to install the 40 way header on the GPIO connector with the heatsink fitted. There is no room at the end for the connector to squeeze past the fixing. I've had to remove the fixing and hold the heatsink in place with the header itself which is not ideal. Not much you can do so thi...
This is just initial testing. The design will have a daughter board with a 5V 3A supply so no possibility to get it wired up wrong :) The Rigol supply is a programmable linear type and well capable of handling surges. In fact I can record these with the supply so I will set this up and see what it l...
I have tested the M3 with a Raspberry Pi official power which has 5V at 3A and it works fine. I am running Android on the M3. I made up a cable for the GPIO with pins 2 and 4 for +5V and pins 6 and 9 for GND. When I power this up from a bench power supply (Rigol DP832A) with this is set for 5.0V at ...
Hacky wrote:
What was your approach?

You can't do this from a normal SDK application. You have to have system privileges and REBOOT permission which is not granted to normal apps. If you build your own source you could have a call to do this by adding your own app directly into the OS build.
Hamid Reza Shaabani wrote:
I would like the Python language while it is in Java.

Android does not support Python natively. You could try this:


Java (Dalvik) on Android is not too difficult to master if you have done any Java before. Load of online tutorials to help you.
Is there any RIL included with the Android build to support a 3G modem plugged into the M3? I've tried to plug in a 3G modem based on a SIMCOM module but nothing gets detected. I will connect up the debug UART today as a quick check to see what this shows but just wondered if the RIL was actually im...
Hi, You cannot external power button on M3 , the hardware doesnot support it. thank you! Yeah, got a reply from FriendlyArm with the same information. Real shame as putting this on a daughterboard PCB means I have to solder a wire onto the existing switch so that I can get external access so I can ...
Maroon5 wrote:
Do you need the S430's 3D file (STP format)?

That would be ideal too.

I could do with the LCD and the enclosure. :)
The 4.3 works out of the box with the M3 running Debian or Android. No need for any drivers.

The only thing is that you are stuck with portrait mode.
Maroon5 wrote:
S430 has no the 3D Printed case :(

I know. I can't load the existing STL files into my cad software and I want to create the LCD part myself to fit with the existing enclosure. I need the enclosure to make sure the LCD enclosure design is correct to match with it.
Does anyone have a STEP file of the 3D printed enclosure?

I can't import the base part into my CAD software.

I would like to add some parts to include the 4.3" LCD module.
The button on the PCB is good enough for development work but I want to install this in a case with the LCD so I need to have access to the power button externally. The schematic shows a connector for this called PWRJ but I can't find this on the board. Does this actually exist? I could solder wires...
Another quick way to test this is to check each pad to GND on the GPIO connector. This will then let you know that the other pin is the RTC battery connection. Normally though the square pin is pin 1 but the GND check is worth doing so for confirmation.