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Debian system HDMI resolution is TF card boot partition root directory script.bin decision, the default is the use of 720p-60Hz Resolution. Boot partition script directory already has several other resolution scrpit.bin, assuming you need 1080p-60Hz resolution, Just use script / script-1080p-60Hz.bi...
standard interface 2.4
I thought you could use this:https://github.com/friendlyarm
v8dave wrote:
Maroon5 wrote:
Do you need the S430's 3D file (STP format)?

That would be ideal too.

I could do with the LCD and the enclosure. :)

Let me have your email address so that I can send the file to you.
S430 has no the 3D Printed case :( I know. I can't load the existing STL files into my cad software and I want to create the LCD part myself to fit with the existing enclosure. I need the enclosure to make sure the LCD enclosure design is correct to match with it. __________________________________...
S430 has no the 3D Printed case :(
1.When the system boots our uboot will check whether it is connected to an LCD or to an HDMI monitor. If it recognizes an LCD it will configure its resolution. Our uboot defaults to the HDMI 720P configuration. If you want to modify the LCD resolution you can modify file "arch/arm/plat-s5p4418/...
What model is your carrier board?
You can contact sales on this mail :sales@friendlyarm.com
Aha, Here is a Smart4418 CPU board, it is compatible with the FriendlyARM's popular Smart210, Right now right on the Smart210 carrier board, Android 5.1 is running.

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nanopi does not support this system.