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Neo Air or M1 Plus supports gpio interrupt?
Cam500B with fixed focus
Last post by vinmicgra « 20 Oct 2017, 02:48
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1-wire does not work on NanoPi NEO Air
M2A with wifi
Last post by GoblE « 15 Oct 2017, 14:06
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Why there is no fbtft support on Ubuntu-core 16.04 with 4.11
Last post by rezaee « 15 Oct 2017, 11:27
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Embedded IR Receiver in nanopi M1
Last post by VALERYRAMIREZ « 15 Oct 2017, 07:03
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Using the UART0 in combination with Ethernet
NEO2 and OpenMV Cam M7
I can't find the script.bin file neither boot partition
Last post by VALERYRAMIREZ « 14 Oct 2017, 15:31
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How to connect two servo motors to my nanopi-m1 board?
Boot Logo Duration Change
Last post by Hunzala « 12 Oct 2017, 20:18
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Boot Logo Duration Change
Last post by Hunzala « 12 Oct 2017, 20:09
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vdpau H264/.MP4 Hardware Video decoding with NanoPi A64
Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial with LXDE-Desktop for NanoPi A64
NanoPi NEO Starter Kit i2c port
NanoPi-М2 connect 40pin display
Do not start NanoPi A64
Last post by RedSpace « 05 Oct 2017, 12:32
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USB Device Mode on nanoPi NEO
DVB-S TVheadend CPU warning/freeze
Last post by obazda « 03 Oct 2017, 19:05
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Ubuntu Image using the I2C bus
NanoPi M2A
Last post by c7tkd « 03 Oct 2017, 11:08
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NanoPI M2A Audio Jack Electret Microphone
NanoPi S2 with Ubuntu Core with camera
Last post by bremenpl « 30 Sep 2017, 19:12
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Problem with common.h
Last post by VALERYRAMIREZ « 30 Sep 2017, 10:54
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Eclipse IDE Installation, When ?
Last post by mikemoy « 29 Sep 2017, 18:51
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Clone ROM to SD
NanoPi Duo boot from USB or mSATA?
Last post by mikemoy « 28 Sep 2017, 00:26
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Neo Plus2 UART2 RX pin
Can DUO also create a low power mode?
Last post by seokeun « 26 Sep 2017, 07:16
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Nanopi-neo is not working
RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported
Last post by pep « 21 Sep 2017, 11:35
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CSI interface (clk P/N, Data N/P) four pins.
SDFlasher doesn't see my SD card under Windows 10
Last post by flashburn « 20 Sep 2017, 19:59
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WiringNP in Python
Last post by mikemoy « 18 Sep 2017, 18:00
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Access 3rd USB port
2Cameras Streaming
Last post by Khaled Abbas « 14 Sep 2017, 05:23
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Connect Cam500B DVP with MIPI-CSI interface in NANO-PC T3
HDD Support
Last post by Khaled Abbas « 12 Sep 2017, 12:32
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Bluetooth BD address
Can I use the Raspberry Pi 3 camera on the NanoPi NEO Air?
Mobile Network Connection Problem in NanoPc-T2
Last post by Prasanth4657 « 31 Aug 2017, 09:06
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S5P4418 Ubuntu Mate GPU enable
Last post by crusader « 31 Aug 2017, 02:53
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npi-config Advanced options not supported on 4.11.2
Last post by IliaB « 29 Aug 2017, 07:54
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new kernel 3.4.39 2017-08-19 details ?
NanoPi cluster setup?
Add usb video captures to nanopi2 ?
Neo Plus2 eth0 not working
miniDlna on OMV with 1-bay NAS Kit does not support subtitle
Last post by avlev « 13 Aug 2017, 02:12
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