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Booting from a tiny disk
nanopi M1 and waveshare 10.1inch HDMI LCD 1024×600
Driving NeoPixels / WS2812 / WS2812b and SK6812
S430 LCD image jitter
Last post by dmitry-k « 20 May 2017, 11:22
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Bluetooth Enable(ON) problem in NanoPC-T2
Last post by Manikandan « 18 May 2017, 07:07
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Hostapd not broadcasting SSID (Neo Air - AP6212A)
NanoPC-T2 board android 5.1.1 Bluetooth not enabling?
Last post by Manikandan « 17 May 2017, 09:24
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WIRINGPI Support for Both NEO and NEO2 Ready!
ERROR: build kernel Failed
Last post by Alimash « 16 May 2017, 12:56
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GPIO Access of Nano Pi S2 using SysFS
Android stuck at rainbow colored screen
Last post by boshkash1151 « 13 May 2017, 19:12
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Related to GPIO usage in a 4412-1506 that Android loaded
Last post by forumcuali « 13 May 2017, 09:00
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HY28A - SPI TFT Display
linux-3.4.y-nanopi2-lollipop-mr1 make uImage Error
Last post by PRASANTH B « 12 May 2017, 10:02
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What is brightness for the LCD's
NanoPi Neo Kernel 4.11
Last post by meisam « 11 May 2017, 06:16
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bare metal project
Last post by Alimash « 09 May 2017, 12:01
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Lack SPI driver for S5P4413 kernel source (linux-3.4.y)
Last post by koyouu « 09 May 2017, 08:07
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bare metal definition
Last post by Alimash « 05 May 2017, 20:23
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cheapest solution media client
Losing Static IP in Run Time
Last post by nsktechguy « 01 May 2017, 08:01
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Install own android custom image into emmc using NanoPC-T2
Last post by PRASANTH B « 28 Apr 2017, 10:02
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wifi monitor mode
Building Android from the source
Last post by v8dave « 26 Apr 2017, 09:25
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Last post by Yeitso « 24 Apr 2017, 09:50
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Issue using IDC40 way connector with heatsink
Android JAC 3.5 mm audio output port is active or not?
Last post by Hamid Reza Shaabani « 15 Apr 2017, 21:56
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music on JAC3.5mm
NanoPi NEO with ESP8266
GPRS support
Last post by v8dave « 13 Apr 2017, 01:19
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MISSING FUNCTION Register_librecovery_updater_nanopi2()
Last post by thiencuong « 09 Apr 2017, 12:41
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Android custom resolution over HDMI
Got Max2Play working on my NanoPi M3.
Rotate Android 5.1 by code NOT by app
Last post by fl0wtec « 02 Apr 2017, 15:56
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Nano pi m3 in qemu
WiringNp for NanoPC T2 and Benchmarking GPIO Speed
Last post by lz2021 « 29 Mar 2017, 14:08
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wakeup source
Any Friendlyarm that could be used as a Plex server?
NanoPI S2 Debian - screen rotate...
Last post by vveljk « 25 Feb 2017, 22:52
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Request for pointers to src for Ubuntu-Mate for NanoPi-A64
Max2play on the NanoPi NEO Air with NanoHat PCM5102A
NanoPi M1 configure CVBS
Last post by jjm « 13 Feb 2017, 08:23
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Any way I can stream 640x480 video very smoothly?
Last post by larryho5 « 08 Feb 2017, 11:08
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NanoPi 2 Fire OpenGL Hardware Acceleration
Last post by perlake « 07 Feb 2017, 21:35
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iptables/netfilter support
Last post by lconroy « 05 Feb 2017, 01:06
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NanoPI NEO Ubuntu Python3 Serial read problem
Last post by denis-evs « 02 Feb 2017, 16:40
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things missing from 20161129 build of Ubuntu-Mate for A64
meaning of EXPORT