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how to control Neo Plus2 on board LED
Neo Plus2 eth0 not working
miniDlna on OMV with 1-bay NAS Kit does not support subtitle
Last post by avlev « 13 Aug 2017, 02:12
Posted in Debian
Ubuntu 4.11 support for SPI missing
OLED-Hat Screen Powersave? Individual Text?
debian+ nanopi s2 + cam500b no /dev/video0
Last post by vinmicgra « 11 Aug 2017, 14:33
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NANOPI NEO Plus2 : wake on lan
NanoPi Neo Plus2: Request for better USB Audio support
USB gadget on Nano Pi Air
Ubuntu Core for NAS Dock?
Last post by jyang825 « 07 Aug 2017, 22:39
Posted in Debian
M3 not boot after off a day, console have output
RPi.GPIO_NP: event_detected() function is not working
how to avoid eflasher confirmations ?
nanopi new plus2 serial(UART) issue
Last post by plm « 06 Aug 2017, 12:05
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NanoPi NEO Plus2 enclosure
Can't see HDD on NAS Dock with NEO2
Last post by jyang825 « 06 Aug 2017, 04:19
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Ubuntu Core for NAS Dock
Last post by jyang825 « 06 Aug 2017, 02:10
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cannot bring up new nanoPi neo air
Heatsink and DDRAM chip temperature (NanoPI Neo)
NanoPi M3 GPIO with Python
Problem using UART2 (/dev/tty2)
NEO2 NanoHAT OLED Qusstion
Kernel bug - hostapd mode bridge *internal wifi and usb wifi
Last post by joks « 02 Aug 2017, 12:55
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rootfs on usb drive
Last post by aa305 « 31 Jul 2017, 23:35
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Connecting Nano Pi NEO 2 to B4J Bridge
NAS Dock shutdown button request
Connect ATmega and NEO AIR over I2C
Compilation environment for Neo2
Last post by IliaB « 24 Jul 2017, 16:11
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Neo Plus2 temperature range & certifications
Products with Nano boards
Last post by FATechsupport « 24 Jul 2017, 06:09
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MAC Address
Last post by PJS « 18 Jul 2017, 15:53
Posted in Android
Neo Plus2 memory speed?
hi every body!
Last post by atoniocarlos « 16 Jul 2017, 02:14
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slow ssh wifi connexion nanopi neo air
How to load WinCE on Tiny210 v2 SDK
Last post by Ramweit « 14 Jul 2017, 10:34
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how to load WinCE 6 program files into Tiny210 v2 SDK
Kernel build of SD card not bootking.
network boot
Last post by alpha_one_x86 « 11 Jul 2017, 22:12
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Power off survive
Last post by rspock « 11 Jul 2017, 07:30
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CAM500B NanoPI M3 web stream
Last post by denis-evs « 09 Jul 2017, 13:38
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touch LCD(S430) -- Not working with Nanopi M3 Debian OS
Last post by nccchirag « 03 Jul 2017, 13:43
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Headless boot
run own program
Last post by forumcuali « 30 Jun 2017, 15:29
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tun/tap driver
Last post by glebpom « 29 Jun 2017, 22:01
Posted in Debian
NanoPi M3 only boots using eflasher images
connecting liquid sensor to NanoPI
Last post by vvuu « 23 Jun 2017, 14:12
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how to check driver version of wlan0
NanoPi NEO2 Cross Compile
Last post by plasmaphase « 20 Jun 2017, 01:38
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