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UART not working, signal very dirty
Nanopi-neo is not working
CVS Video Output
Last post by yombo « 24 Sep 2017, 23:30
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mSATA SSD Boot ?
Last post by mikemoy « 24 Sep 2017, 10:48
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How do I upgrade the kernell
Using GPIOs via command line
Last post by guidol « 22 Sep 2017, 20:41
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Python on NanoPi
Last post by davef « 22 Sep 2017, 03:38
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CPU speed - what is the running speed?
Last post by fapplin « 21 Sep 2017, 16:11
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RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported
Last post by pep « 21 Sep 2017, 11:35
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NanoPi Duo, " timing out command, waited 180s" issue
Last post by chensy « 21 Sep 2017, 10:57
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CSI interface (clk P/N, Data N/P) four pins.
Where can i find a T3's BOM file?
SDFlasher doesn't see my SD card under Windows 10
Last post by flashburn « 20 Sep 2017, 19:59
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Products with Nano boards
Last post by mikemoy « 20 Sep 2017, 02:38
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Wifi keeps scanning
Last post by michaeldg « 19 Sep 2017, 20:31
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Flashing Nanopi(H5) without the SD card
Installing linux headers on the NanoPi NEO
U-Boot building for NanoPi Neo2
32 bit apps on H5 (Neo Plus2)
wifi enabling on first boot from sd card
rootfs_qtopia_qt4 compilation
Last post by naresh « 19 Sep 2017, 06:54
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How to resolve PTXDIST : File permission error.
Last post by davef « 18 Sep 2017, 19:22
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WiringNP in Python
Last post by mikemoy « 18 Sep 2017, 18:00
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