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Nano Pi M4 - Friendly Desktop - hostapd errors
Last post by dogshome « Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:08 pm
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NanoPI M4 - does not recognize 4K monitors - limited to 1920
Last post by cassiovolcan « Thu Apr 18, 2019 8:14 am
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Nanopi R1
problem with resizing partition
problem with resizing partition
Last post by RamiX « Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:01 pm
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Linux Mate Image with many issues - not usable
Which WiFi USB module works with Android on the NanoPi Fire3
Last post by v8dave « Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:02 am
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Nano Pi Fire 3 fails to boot
Last post by v8dave « Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:01 am
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New Board: NanoPi R1
How to change DSI Clock
Very stange when replace AP6212 with AP6234 on a NanoPiAir
Why is rooting the NanoPI-T4 Android not more important?
Last post by v8dave « Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:32 am
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Are any temperature sensors available?
Hardware encoding h.265 Nanopi M4 HEVC
M4 MASKROM mode and other M4 Ubuntu Linux questions
Android Studio project with libfriendlyarm-hardware.so
Last post by v8dave « Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:09 am
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Disable watchdogd in NanoPi-NEO