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Can the team at FA please answer this?
I would like to use the OTG too.
Thanks for the info. I do not know much about python and I would like to use the button in my existing python program I address buttons using the port or connector line - like this: button4 = port.PA14 button1 = connector.gpio1p23 Can someone please tell me how to use GPIO355 in my program? Is there...
What is the button on the Duo board used for?
How can I access it to run a command?
I tried to see it through EVTEST and TRIGGERHAPPY (THD DUMP) - but can't see it.
I am having trouble connecting the on board wifi. I have attached an aerial and can see the access point using sudo nmcli dev wifi I follow the instructions on the wiki but it does not connect My USB wifi dongle works great. Access point has no security. Anyone else got it working or any ideas? Than...
I have connected devices to USB 2 and 3 from the header, but don't know how to connect to USB 1.
Also, how do I access the IR, I tried to compile matrix but it does not work.