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I found a solution for this issue! Unfortunately it is not a solution for me because hardware modification is necessary: After checking the schematics of v1.1 1709 and compared with schematics of v1.0 1706 I noticed that U12 were added, as read in changelog on page 1. Revision 1706 , V1.0 v1.1 1709 ...
Thanks again for the quick reply. Unfortunately it does not work. I am still stucked here: Unmounting /tmp... Unmounting /run/user/0... [ OK ] Unmounted /tmp. [ OK ] Unmounted /run/user/0. [ OK ] Reached target Unmount All Filesystems. [ OK ] Stopped target Local File Systems (Pre). [ OK ] Stopped R...
igorp wrote:

You tried Armbian builds?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I also tried the latest Armbian build (Armbian 5.38, kernel 4.14.15). Same here.

Hello, I was using the NanoPi Duo since first revision (v1.0 1706) of Aug-17 for development purposes. In a new delivery we got a new hardware revision of the Duo (v1.1 1709). Now the soft-reset of the installed system (newest official image 2017-12-08 version is used) is not longer working. Ubuntu ...

I just noticed that the maximum ordering amount for the NanoPi ist 10. How is the availability? Is there a possibility for a higher quotation? If this device would be applicable for us we may be interested in 500+ pcs.

Yours sincerely