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Hi davef, I followed your instructions as I was able to switch off the WiFi. I then did some dirty measurements trying to figure out what the power consumption is. This what I did: I created a small python script that writes the current time to a file on the SD card, each 5 minutes. I used a power b...
you're a star. Thanks a lot. you pushed me in the right direction.
I was able to switch off the WiFi and I would expect power consumption will dramatically decrease.
I will do some testing to figure out what the power consumption is in both scenarios (with and without WiFi).
Thanks again
Thanks guys for your replies. Basically I want to reduce the power consumption to the minimum and I want to use whatever option to get there.
Do you have any suggestion to achieve this goal?

Is it possible to switch off the WiFi power? That would help a lot I guess.

Hi all, I own a nanopi and I intend to use in a standalone environment where it is powered by a battery pack. In order to save power consumption I want to put the device in standby mode and once an hour it needs to wake up. It should do than some measurements, save it to SD and go again to enjoy som...