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Hi, I am interest to modify the use of BLUE on board LED, from it flash regularly, into an activity LED of SD card (or anything else) Refer to Dietpi forum, people can successfully add below code into Nanopi Neo (I have one... and it is interesting) and now, I have an Neo Plus 2 with Ubuntu, found t...
thank you and I found it on my board too! so after I setup the battery there, it will remember the date/time even I power off ?
Sorry I am still learning that !!

thanks alot!
Hi all,
I am new to Nanopi M3, and like to know if any kernel 4.9 or later on street?
I know DietPi have 4.11 but I want a Ubuntu image instead.

All, Do you know if M3 have build in RTC ? if yes, is that mean I can easily plug the battery into the RTC Battery header will do? any program I need to run / setup prior RTC working? I am developing an mobile solution and require the time but I won't want to add in extra module if it was built in. ...
Hi, I have 3 x new M3, 1 x Neo2, Neo2+, and 2 other brand Pi and I always use Etcher to burn image to TF card (I have wide range of TF like Sandisk, Toshiba and Sony, and all can write and boot successful. Other brand and my Neos already in production (as my NAS, personal Web server...etc) I am buil...