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Hi Igor,

That's what I did eventually, trying to compile from source, too much errors..

Tried rclone https://rclone.org/ app and it works fine, I probably stick with rclone for a while.

Thanks again.
Thanks Igor,

Tried this and many other stuff, nothing helps.

I guess it's impossible.

Best Regards.
Hi Guys,

Someone tried to run dropbox on Neo2 successfully, will appreciate any info on this.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, It seems that Qt compilation is not possible, I used all the instructions on this page http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/How_to_Build,_Install_and_Setting_Qt_Application#Allwinner_H5_FriendlyCore And downloaded all the files from this link: Bu...
I'm trying to configure some gpio pins using Advanced options from npi-config.
I get the message - "Unsupported with Linux 4.11.2"

When this utility will be updated?

How can I configure it without npi-config?

Thanks, that's what I'm doing right now, but is there any eclipse tutorial for this?

What is hte toolchain for compilation C&C++ on the board? Maybe I can setup some Qt or Eclipse environment for compilation?
Hi, I'm a very new to this board, I used the Intel Edison, but since it is discontinued I switched to Neo2. I have an application written in C++, and I need to compile it and run on the NEO2. Can anyone suggest what is the best way to do it. Maybe Eclipse? I downloaded the ubuntu image nanopi-neo2_u...