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After installing " s5p4418-debian-wifiap-sd4g-20170110.img " and editing wlan0 config to connect to my home network, I got my NanoPi2 connected and even assigned the same local ip as the original ip used to connect to it - Despite all of the above, I still can't get into it, a...
I have mine attached to a Philips TV with inbuilt speakers and the sound works without any problems, I guess you'll need a TV with sound built in so it can be taken from the HDMI signal and routed to speakers or 3,5mm jack for external speakers. What are you connecting it to?
i get this problem only if i corrupt sd card OS image. All you need to do if the image is corrupt is rewrite it to sd card, and make frequent backups...
I used my NanoPi 2nd card slot to insert sd card I want to resize, then on linux

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sudo apt-get install gparted

run gparted and through the graphical interface drag to use up all unallocated memory.
I use 2nd sd card slot for media, so I can switch between many SD cards with 1. movies 2. music 3. files/documents.
Its mostly external storage.
All I need is a website that I dont have to register on, or download some bad installer. Baidu is really bad, what is the problem with, for example, google drive? What about dropbox? There are many services with free hosting of files.
you will need a small box that translates Digital signal to Analog signal for the monitor to understand, also, you need to find one that can split audio seperately so you can hear what you are doing. Checkout this or this.
Can somebody please mirror OS images for europeans? http://cdimage.deepin.com/armhf/15/beta1.0/deepin15_nanopi2_armhf_16g.tar.gz https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/1YqmrMPU.png I tried also the Ubuntu mate image, but it said filesize is too big, need download app for downloading, but i can't even do that. h...
http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/qu ... put-to-vga

i think you will need a box to decrypt digital then convert to analog, i dont think there is an easy way.
he is asking in russian -
Hello, is there a way to check VIDEO OUT through HDMI-RCA cable, can i find out with out a converter.

he is asking how troubleshoot this cable -
Hello, I have a question about the shutdown process on NanoPi-2 when running android, How to shutdown you will need some method of telling system to shut down a) terminal emulator b)play store shutdown application These apps will need ROOT privileges for shutting down I use KingRoot and it works go...
I read that some people were having troubles with their CPU temperature, making the board shut down or hang. I added a heat sink out of aluminium to my CPU, and even RAM :lol: (i had some left over). I chose not to use a thermal pad, because they are very bad at what they do, and instead went with c...