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Full 1080p playback with x264, tiny jitter on x265 and buck bunny 4k 60fps skip but 30fps plays fine also Deadpool 2160p sample (at 1080p) without any issues. Download LibreELEC here https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread-2156.html dd the img to microsd. and then follow Kicker22004 youtube video for fusi...
Just to confirm Armbian/Ubuntu Xenial Desktop works. Thanks V Much Kicker !!!! Great Job. Many Thanks
Hi K2 only provides the android system. Thanks! That's a disappointment! That's very likely to kill your sales...CNXSoftware gave you a very decent write up. I will give CNX a message to amend his article. @Chensy, you need to say that's a bad plan!!! It needs Debian support...otherwise K2 is just ...
good spot.

So we do need to create a new uboot for Debian ? Does this mean the Android uboot isn't sufficient and would be replaced ? How would you boot the Android image afterwards ?

On the tinker board, Asus have released both img for android and debian....ie none of this fiddling...?
many thanks
Hi all, the wiki mentions a Linux image, other devices have a downloadable ready to go debian image.... Are there any plans to build a ready to go debian image. ? I have been chatting with members of the Armbian forum who suggest I will need to flash the board with a new u-boot, is this entirely nec...
Sorry to post here but as there is no general/intro forum. Please can the moderators create a NanoPi K2 forum.

I would like to discuss the Android and is possible the development of a Debian image

Many Thanks