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Hey Yep i can confirm it works. I have tested it on Nano Pi Neo Air Nano Pi Duo Nano Pi Neo Plus 2 Have a look at my Neopixel library https://github.com/leonyuhanov/SK6812viaSPI Look inside the "Nano Pi Neo Air" directory for a C++ example of how to use SPIDEV I have tested it to 20mhz, it...
Typ ein

om the terminal and you will get the actual freq. It should be 1.2Ghz on each core
Ok i have done some testing and noticed that the SPI speed can only be set in increments of 1Mhz!
SO 3,4,5 etc...?
On The Nano Pi Neo air which runs the H3, i could previously set the speed to anything i wanted like 3.5mhz!
Something in your kernel drivers has changed
Can you advise a resolution
An update on this.
It seems the speed setting work just fine.
But data is sent out SPIDEV1.0 not in line. There seem to be gaps between transmitions
I have just received my NanoPi Duo boards and have an issue. I assumed it would be very similar to the Nano Pi Neo Air. Im having a problem getting the SPI port to work "properly" The following code https://github.com/leonyuhanov/SK6812viaSPI/tree/master/NanoPi%20Neo%20Air%20VIA%20SPIDEV W...
If anyone is interested in using the NanoPi Neo Air(and most likely any H3 board sold my Friendly Arm) to drive Neopixels using the SPI port without having to do any fancy stuff, check out this repo https://github.com/leonyuhanov/SK6812viaSPI I created it for a bunch of different platforms, mainly t...
Thanks mate. If your interested i have fixed up the code and uploaded full instructions to my github
This will drive any APA102/SK9822 pixels, its basically a very advanced "blink" for driving these kid of pixels!
I had a read through this one ... just maybe https://isocpp.org/wiki/faq/mixing-c-and-cpp Dave thanks a million mate, this did the trick I modified my inclusion of #include "libfahw.h" to extern "C" { // Get declaration for f(int i, char c, float x) #include "libfahw.h"...
Thanks dave ill have a lool tjrough that link, i think its def somethinf to do with the way the linker is working
Yeah if i get rid of the -I i get tins more errors, so the includes are located properly
boardInit() is located in https://github.com/friendlyarm/matrix/blob/master/lib/common.h All the SPI functions are in https://github.com/friendlyarm/matrix/blob/master/lib/spi.c The entire lib folder is located in the same folder as my test code above. This compiles perfectly using gcc but fails in ...
NanoPi Neo Air Matrix ibrary from https://github.com/friendlyarm/matrix compiled and instaled I can run the demos and compile them in C but would like to utelise SPI and GPI from the main libarry in c++ When i compile my code using c++ linking to the "fahw" libarry I get this error: code ...