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Think I found it if anyone else is interested.

https://github.com/SamsungARTIK/bl1-art ... tik/README
I have been looking at friendlyarm development tools. In the Sdfuse tool there is a file 2ndboot.bin. What does this file contain ? How is it made ? and How is it used in booting ?
And as you can see Ubuntu mate is not listed there. But it is mentioned as being supported on the main M3 page
The page for the M3 at
http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?ro ... uct_id=130

shows support for Ubuntu Mate, however I don't see it in the images list. Could you please provide a weblink for the image.
@Chensy, do you have any updates on development of 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu image for the M3. @FATechsupport does not seem to be active on th the forums for the last couple of months, and you are listed as an additional moderator. Thanks you for any info you can give!