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After power up NanoPi M2 with s5p4418-lubuntu-desktop-xenial-4.4-armhf-20171212.img, lcd S430 only displays FRIENDLY, both green and blue leds on M2 light up and RS232 console shows: Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0 6329176 bytes read in 445 ms (13.6 MiB/s) 2846938 bytes read in 203 ms (13.4 MiB/s) *...
Hi Dieter,

Would you please teach me how to create /dev/video0 or other index that works with gstreamer, ffmpeg, cvlc, etc. I've studied for a long time but still can't figure it out.

Thanks a lot.
Next, I install the s5p4418-debian-sd4g-20170613.img on M2 with CAM500B.
There is no /dev/video0 too.
The opencv-demo runs with error. I've tried ln -s /dev/video[4-10] /dev/video0.
Does anyone help me to create /dev/video0 please? Thanks
Today I try s5p4418-ubuntu-core-qte-sd4g-20170613.img on M2 with CAM500B but /dev/video0 is missing. How can I fix it? Or, will you revise the img?



May I know around when M2A is available?
According to the schematic, I think the four solder pads near the camera interface are mic in and line out. Does anyone know the pin assignment?
Thanks a lot.