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Hi all. I have my M2 and M2A running Ubuntu 18.04 for quite a while now. One thing that has me stumped is the hostname. I change it using hostnamectl (or hostname) command and it changes fine. /etc/hostname gets updated and everything is good. When I reboot though, it changes back to FriendlyARM and...
Hi All, Anyone know if there are still M2's available for sale anywhere? I can't believe FriendlyArm just stopped selling the M2 and replaced it with the M2A. My project doesn't require bluetooth or WiFi and now the board I need has gone from $25 to $42 - a massive price jump. Surely there must be M...
Are you sure you prepared your SD Card correctly?

Obtained an image file and followed the instructions here: http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_2#More_OS_Support
I found some 3mm standoffs and tested so I'm pretty sure it's m3.
Hi Folks,

I was wanting to confirm the screw size needed for mounting standoffs on the M2 board. It looks like m3 size screws to me but can't find that confirmed in any of the docs. Or did I miss it somewhere?

You can try this command: cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/temp_label

Thanks chensy. I tried it but there are no files in /sys/class/hwmon so I guess I am missing something.

I understand Ubuntu Mate is not officially supported but if you have any ideas I would appreciate your thoughts.

Hi folks. trying to find how I can monitor CPU temp on my M2. Currently running Ubuntu Mate. I know on some other Pi's there are commands like vcgencmd but I could not find that. Is there something in /sys/devices that will tell me the current CPU temp? I know they run hot so wanted to monitor for m...