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Hello everyone, I am using a NanoPC T2 with Android 4.4, and I want to connect the device through SPI with an RFID-RC522 card reader. Previously I used the GPIO ports with serial communication without problems but I can not communicate via SPI. I connect the SPI Port via pins 7,8,9 and 10. I open th...
I developed an app, which uses the serial port and works properly on Android 4.4 (Friendlyarm), but when I install the same app in the version of Android 5.1 (Friendlyarm) is not working. The error occurs when executing the openserialport method, which returns the value -1.
Hello everyone, I am working with the NanoPC T2 and I have a problem when I am using the serial ports and also the GPIO ports, this only happens only with Android 5.1, since with Android 4.4 the same program works correctly, so I suppose there is Some kind of problem in the library installed in this...
Hello, I would like to know if there is any kind of implementation for the WiringNP library for the NanoPC T2 board.
I would also like to know the performance of the library in Khz or Mhz. (The basic test setup was toggle one of the GPIO pins between zero and one as fast as possible)
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Thank you! It works well with Android 4.4 also
After installing android 4.4 the problem is solved, apparently the error occurs for Android 5.1
Hello, I would also be interested in have root access,I suppose any developer who uses this type of board needs access to be able to use the full functionality in android. I would like you to recommend me some kind of third party tool to be able to do this, or some kind of guide that facilitates the...