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just wanted to connectd with NanoPi R1 with my Wifi access point on channel 13.
But the AP was not listed. How to enable it?

Hi, I want to run NanoPi Neo Air with lowest power consumption from a 5V power bank? What power modes are available on NanoPi Neo Air with Ubuntu LTS and are there any details on power consumption available? -I assume wireless Wifi/BT can be powered down? -run just CPU Core0 with lowest frequency an...
I want to connect NanoPi-R1 Wifi to my local DSL router and bridge the internet connection to both Nano-PI Ethernet ports. devices connected the any ethernet port should get an IP adress from local Wifi router via DHCP. Which means the 2 ethernet ports are supposed to run as ethernet switch
Hi, my access point / DSL Router runs on channel 13.
When I scan for APs I cant see it. (nmcli
Please let me know how to enable Wifi CH13 on NanoPi R1

Looks like NanoPI R1 doesn't list Access Point on CH 12, 13, connection can'T be establish to those.
OK thanks. But how long the Allwinner SoC will be in production? 10/15/20 year?
I am working on many industrial project need need longevity support for the chipset

can anybody tell me the Longevity Strategy support of Allwinner H3 SoC? It looks like it was released in 2014.