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I have installed friendlycore os on eMMC Core2 . I made some mistake on Python installation .

I need to reformat eMMC and reinstall the os to fix my problem.

How to format eMMC on Core2 ?
HI ,

How can I login to Core 2 using SSH without knowing IP address like Raspberry Pi ?

In case of Raspberry Pi , I can use ssh pi@raspberrypi.local . without knowing its IP address.
This WiKi link in section 5.1

http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... re_with_Qt)

It says only H3 suppprt , does this mean mjpg-streamer not work on M4 ?
Does mjpg-streamer support on M4 ?
Thank you , it works
Any update on using PWM on NEO ? I need to drive a buzzer using PWM,
May I know what is Linux pin number for GPIOL11 on NanoPi NEO?

Do you have a sample Python code for Matrix RTC module ?