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What is the difference in the images on mediafire and baidu?
Receive this error message window:
The specifical directory '/media/fa/xxxxxx' is not valid.
What is it?
I solved it.
Problem is next:
gst-plugin-scanner run each times when start Iceweasel and take 100% core time
When I killed this process in task manager browser work OK.
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour ... ug/1286751
the same sitiations with WiFi connections and wired.
In GKrellM I look processors load. And use USB HW power monitor.
Browser sometimes freezes. And after close process one of core have 100% load. If repeat it (run browser then wait until it freezes) then next core have 100% load.
Q: what is it?
Q2: why freezes Browser?
I have USB stick with FAT32 and when I insert it in PC (Debian OS) I get message not correct FS, can't mount.
I have monitor1280x1024 with DVI input. Can I connect M3 to my monitor?( with changes in files) If not, then what type monitor (not LCD) I should use?