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Dear Community, We're working on making OV5647 camera (15 pin CSI cable, https://www.waveshare.com/rpi-camera-b.htm) to work with SOM-RK3399v2. We managed to adjust device tree layer and the camera works and we can see the image. However, the image is quite dark and greenish. After searching we iden...
Thanks! It also looks to me that they are compatible but decided to double check.

We would like to switch from SOM-RK3399 to SOM-RK3399V2. Are those pin-to-pin compatible?

Also is dev board for SOM-RK3399 suitable for SOM-RK3399V2?

Thanks a lot for pointing! Looks clear now.
This should be fine. Could you please guide me to some examples / links? Thanks a lot!
Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for.
I'm using RK3399 + Android + HD702 touchscreen. I would like to change the orientation from default portrait to landscape. I need to do this on kernel level to have Android logo in landscape orientation during boot process too. I've been following this tutorial: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/th...
I have network device connected to Ethernet port of RK3399. This is recognized as primary network connection and it disables WiFi on RK3399. As soon as I disconnect network device from LAN ports the WiFI connection is available again. I would like to use both Ethernet and WiFi connections at the sam...
I'm developing the system which will be using SOM-RK3399 and powered from the Li-ion battery. The system is running Android. Currently, Android shows battery as 'Fully Charged' all time. Is it possible to add any battery fuel gauge IC to the system (I2C / SMBUS) which will allow showing the actual p...