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I'm finally able to have temps way lower than the throttle temp at full tilt 8-cores. Does anyone have knowledge on overclocking the M3? I have ample power supply to do so for a moderate OC.
sukk741 wrote:
I will try to call others, but the main problem is if it is sufficient to 2A M3 power at full load?

With proper adapter and cable, it sure can as in my case.
adjusting the upper value in a way so that no throttling occurs later is the better idea if you run continuous heavy loads. Or you improve heat dissipation (large heatsink + large fan can be almost silent) I suppose you meant setting the freq ceiling lower so I can run it at 100% with lesser opport...

:D No wonder it kept steady around that temperature. Seems to throttle down for a short moment to 700/800MHz then goes back up to 1.4GHz. Is there anyway to change the throttle threshold?
I tried it out at full load again (all 8 cores running Enigma@Home - BOINC) with the cable which came with my newer phone which supports QC 1.0 (up to 2A charge rate). With the cheapo 5.1V/2.1A adapter, system restarted itself after just 3 minutes. With the adapter which comes with my QC 1.0-capable...
tkaiser wrote:
Forget about Micro USB for anything needing more than a few mA. This stupid connector is rated for 1.8A max.

So even a 3A wall plug to micro-USB will not provide the system with enough juice for full load?
I can try with other cables. But the main issue is if 2A is enough to power the M3 at full load?
Hi all, I've just tried to run some projects on BOINC with my M3 on 5V-2A power (AC-USB plug) but then the screen blacks out upon CPU ramping up to 100%, comes back but system has hanged. I can only restart by holding the power button on the board. On the specs list, the board is listed as taking 5V...